Use your Tesla M3 as a live security camera!

The feature is finally here…

Every Tesla is packed with cameras for its full self and adaptive driving options. I have always wondered why I wasn’t able to access the cameras from the Tesla App. It seems that this was possible all this time but that the app simply still did not have the feature, but do not weep it’s finally here!

How to enable the feature?

It’s not that difficult to enable and use the feature but there are some prerequisites and the option is hidden in the menus of the app so it’s easily overlooked. Worry not simply follow along and we’ll get it up and running in no time!

1. Up-To-Date Everything!

First of all, make sure your app is updated to the latest version for IOS users this will be version 4.4.4 at the time of writing this article. Then check whether your Tesla system software is updated to the latest update, if not update everything and then come back to the guide!

2. Enable Security Mode

To enable this, start the app and navigate to security. From there simply switch the sentry mode to ON!

3. Enter the live feed

To enter the live feed navigate to the security tab and if you’re already there under sentry mode a blue text will appear with something along the lines of “Check Live Cameras”

Press on the blue text! — image by me — nevermind the dutch language

After pressing on it the Tesla will startup the cameras and you will be able to enjoy a live feed of the surroundings of your Tesla! Have fun!

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