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My First European Tesla M3 Road trip!

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An adventure full of anxiety or relaxation? Find out here!

Before going on our first road trip from North-Brabant, The Netherlands to Bayern, Germany, I had some initial worries and anxiety about running out of battery. It wouldn’t be the first time an electronic device that was in my possession would run out of battery…

Meet Red, my Model 3 — Photo by author

🧳 The Preparation

To be completely honest I didn’t do that much preparation. I just checked if I had my bags and passport, juiced up the Tesla, filled in the address in the navigation, and pressed the gas pedal. Off we go!

🪫 Getting low on juice

After driving for about 3.5–4 hours I emptied the battery from 480km to around 100km left. The Tesla M3 automatically started preparing the battery for fast charging and the navigation directed me off the highway and to a supercharger location just next to a Mcdonald’s. After I started supercharging the system displayed that we only needed to charge for about 10 minutes.

My wife and I got out, went on a bathroom break, and got something to eat from the Mcdonald’s. When we got back the M3 was already juiced up nearly to the full battery (around 80%).

The trip was about 6 hours so we only had to do 2 stops. At the second stop we didn’t feel like stretching our legs so we watched a small sitcom episode of around 20 minutes and the model 3 was juiced up ready to go!

The stops came naturally and weren’t annoying at all. The navigation did all the work and I didn’t even need to worry about the battery level at all. Even when I was driving around 150–180km/h the navigation would also take the extra battery consumption in mind.

🏎 Comfort and Driving

Going from 0 to 100 in under 3 seconds and overtaking is absolutely phenomenal! The car handles really well due to the speed and weight distribution. No turn is too sharp and no car, even on the German Autobahn is a competitor when it comes to handling and acceleration.

The full panorama roof also provides lots of natural light and a beautiful view. Making you feel relaxed at all times. The lack of engine sound and vibrations is a huge relief! All these factors combined make for a great, fun, and comfortable drive, making you arrive at the destination well-rested instead of worn out and tired!

📌 Arrival

I have never arrived more rested and energetic than when I arrived with my Model 3. The drive didn’t feel like a drag at all and was quite comfortable. My worries were elevated after the first recharge stop and I had more confidence in my car.

✔ Summary

It is almost impossible to run out of juice while driving a Tesla Model 3. The smart computer that is built-in and has a 24/7 internet connection does everything for you. Calculate the weather, consumption, traffic jams, and elevation, it’s all done for you and the result is a nice and comfortable drive. Never have I arrived at a destination with a car more relaxed and well-rested as with the Tesla Model 3. As batteries are being developed that have more and more range I think that⚡️ cars are the way of the future. For now, the only downside for me is the range of the car.